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What is Transform-Us!?

Transform-Us! is designed to re-frame the way children learn, incorporating opportunities to move more and sit less inside and outside the classroom. It takes advantage of opportunities to incorporate movement and reduce sitting throughout the day, using innovative behavioural, educational, and environmental strategies within classroom, school and home settings.

Transform-Us! is currently available to all Victorian Primary schools.

Evidence based 

Minimal cost for schools to implement

Free to register and do the online training (20 minutes)

Requires minimal preparation and teacher time

Easy to implement

Links to the Victorian Curriculum

What does Transform-Us! involve?

Transform-Us! strategies involve incorporating movement into everyday class lessons – the delivery of the lesson changes, not the content.

It is designed to be delivered by all primary classroom teachers and it does not focus on sport or physical education. Schools and teachers can choose to adopt some or all of the Transform-Us! strategies.

Full lesson plans and supporting resources are made available after the online teacher training module (about 20 minutes) is completed.



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Transform-Us! Health lessons
for Parents

The Hon. James Merlino

"Transform-Us! is a great initiative and will help schools meet the Education State target of a 20 per cent increase of students doing physical activity for an hour a day, five times a week, by 2025."


Anne-Maree Kliman (President of the Victorian Principals Association)

"The Victorian Principals Association encourages all Victorian primary schools to get on board and sign up for the Transform-Us! program."

Transform-Us! helps schools
group-of-students-walking-at-school-PDAA2UD (1)
  • Meet the Education State target of a 20 per cent increase of students doing physical activity for an hour a day, five times a week, by 2025
  • Improve Physical Literacy
  • Embed physical activity into school policy
  • Improve students' physical and mental health
Transform-Us! helps teachers
  • Deliver usual curriculum in an engaging way (lesson plans provided)
  • Manage classroom behaviour
  • Improve their students' academic outcomes
  • Increase their students' attention and focus during class lessons
  • Contribute to their Professional Development
Transform-Us! helps parents
  • Offer their child alternatives to sitting
  • Improve their child's health
  • Reduce their child's screen time
  • To increase their child's physical activity

“They look forward to them and remind us if we miss them”

Transform-Us! Teacher

“Yes (it was easier to listen to my teacher), because we get refreshed and switched on.”

Transform-Us! Student

“The kids were more willing to focus once they had an active break.”

Transform-Us! Teacher

“They were quick and easy to organise.”

Transform-Us! Teacher

“You get to do fun stuff.”

Transform-Us! Student

“Not only does the active homework encourage the kids to be active, but also to do their homework!”

Transform-Us! Parent

“The students loved it and made suggestions about what we could do.”

Transform-Us! Teacher

"Thank you for the training. This is fantastic. This is the kind of classroom that I want to bring to my students."

Integration Aide

What does Transform-Us! look like in the classroom?

The two clips below are examples of an active lesson and active break. To see more videos and download the resources please register and complete the online training (this takes about 20 minutes). At the completion of the online training module you can download a certificate and include this in your Professional Development portfolio.

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