Revolutionising the
classroom through
Revolutionising the
classroom through

Uses existing curriculum

TransformUs is the only education initiative that integrates movement into existing curriculum. The delivery is transformed (using our active strategies), not the content – it is not an add on!

Designed by experts

We are the only education program designed by experts and tested by teachers that integrates movement with learning across existing curriculum and frameworks.

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Our value proposition

For teachers who are looking for new ways to engage their students and improve academic outcomes and wellbeing, TransformUs provides an evidence-based way of integrating movement into core subjects.

Unlike other programs, TransformUs offers a whole school approach by creating a supportive school environment, for students of all ages to move throughout the day. It’s also easy to implement!

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Benefits of TransformUs

For schools:

  • Meet state targets (e.g., the Vic DET target of a 20 per cent increase of students doing physical activity for an hour a day, five times a week, by 2025).
  • Improve Physical Literacy.
  • Embed physical activity into school policy.
  • Improve students’ physical and mental health.
  • Aligned with current frameworks, AIP priority areas and the principles of Positive Education.

For teachers:

  • Deliver usual curriculum in an engaging way (lesson plans provided).
  • Provides proactive approaches to managing classroom behaviour whilst maintaining a positive learning environment.
  • Improve students’ academic outcomes.
  • Increase students’ attention and focus during class lessons.
  • Contribute to their Professional Learning.

For parents:

  • Offer their child or adolescent alternatives to sitting.
  • Improve their child/adolescent’s health.
  • Reduce their child/adolescent’s screen time.
  • Increase their child/adolescent’s physical activity.
  • Increase their child/adolescent’s enjoyment of school.

The kind of learning I enjoy the most is a type of learning that I can move around and be active, not just sit there doing work, boring!


You can really just see pure joy on their faces. And sometimes I think we feel like we've got away with teaching them something really important, but maybe they haven't realised because they were so busy enjoying it.


TransformUs has really allowed me to think that movement is an ally in teaching, rather than an enemy…it really gave me a love of learning and enjoying what my kids are doing and I feel like, especially with the active lessons you're able to participate a lot more as a teacher.

Graduate Teacher

Not only does the active homework encourage the kids to be active, but also to do their homework!


Thank you for the training. This is fantastic. This is the kind of classroom that I want to bring to my students.

Integration Aide

TransformUs has actually given teachers the ah huh moment…and they love it! They love being able to look at that site and go this fits exactly with what I am needing to teach and what our children are ready to learn.