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What does Transform-Us! involve?

Transform-Us! is an evidence-based easy-to-implement, low-cost program to get students moving more and sitting less. To find out more about the research underpinning this program please click here. Transform-Us! includes a mixture of educational, pedagogical, behavioural and environmental approaches to promote activity and reduce sitting in the school and home settings.

It is designed to be delivered by any classroom teacher to primary school-aged children. Transform-Us! is linked to the Victorian curriculum and requires minimal equipment and teacher time. Full lesson plans and supporting resources are made available after the online teacher training module is completed.

Below is a brief overview of the Transform-Us! strategies in the classroom, outside the classroom and in the home.

  • Is evidence based
  • Is easy to implement
  • Has a minimal cost
  • Requires minimal equipment and teacher time
  • Links to the Victorian Curriculum

Inside the classroom

  • Transform-Us! health lessons aim to increase knowledge and build skills to empower children to make healthy behaviour choices. Class lesson plans are provided and can be used or modified according to the needs of the class. Minimal preparation is required.
  • Active lessons are teacher’s normal planned lessons, where the delivery method rather than the content is changed. This is where movement is incorporated into almost any lesson (e.g., maths, history, reading).
  • Active breaks involve short active breaks after prolonged periods of sitting in class, which can be incorporated into any lesson.
  • Class tubs of sporting and circus equipment made available for students to use during class and recess and lunch breaks.


Outside the classroom

  • Encouraging students to move more and sit less during recess and lunchtime.
  • Promotional signage promoting physical activity in areas where students play at recess and lunchtime.
  • Promoting the use of playground line markings.

Engaging families

  • Newsletter content for parents on the benefits of physical activity and importance of reducing sitting.
  • Active homework for children to do with the family.

How does this differ from Physical Education?

Transform-Us! uses innovative behavioural and environmental strategies within the classroom, school and home settings that do not focus on sport or physical education.

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