WHO physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines updated

World Health Organisation guidelines have recently been updated

Did you know that the World Health Organisation has recently updated their physical activity and sedentary behaviour guidelines? As many children around the world are missing out on physical activity opportunities throughout the day due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now is a critical time to incorporate more movement into their day. The updated guidelines encourage children to engage in an average of 60 minutes of physical activity per day across a whole week and limit the amount of time being sedentary. For the first time the guidelines also include physical activity recommendations for children of all abilities.

Front view of a schoolgirl sitting on wheelchair in corridor aginst school kids speaking together in background in outside corridor at school

Victorian Government Active Schools Toolkit

Transform-Us! has been included in the Victorian Government's Active Schools Toolkit


The Victorian Government is committed to embedding physical activity throughout the whole school day. From Term 1, 2021, schools will be able to access a toolkit which outlines six priority areas for taking a whole-of-school approach to promoting physical activity.

Transform-Us! is proud to be included in this toolkit as part of the 'Active Classrooms' priority area. Yarrawonga College P-12 has been highlighted in the toolkit as they have been using Transform-Us! to create active classrooms at their school since 2018. Teachers at Yarrawonga have seen an increase in students' physical activity across the whole day and they have also found that the strategies have contributed to "improved student outcomes by engaging all types of learners".