For parents

Looking for ideas to get your family moving more and sitting less?

We know that parents and families play a vital role in getting children and adolescents to move more and sit less.

However, many parents find it difficult to provide their kids with the opportunities to be active and limit the time they spend in front of screens.

If you are looking for some ideas to get your family moving and watching less screens download and try our Family Activity Pack.

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What is TransformUs?

TransformUs is an initiative to get children and adolescents moving more and sitting less. It includes a mix of educational, behavioural and environmental approaches to promote physical activity at school and at home.

Can I invite my child or adolescent's school?

Yes – Absolutely! If your child attends a Victorian primary school and you would like to get them involved in TransformUs you can send the school an invite using our email template. Please check with your child’s teacher first that your child’s school or teacher isn’t already registered with TransformUs.

TransformUs Secondary is coming soon. Use our email template to encourage your adolescent’s school to register when the program is available.

Invite your child or adolescent's school

Why is TransformUs needed?

Research shows that children and adolescents have better learning and academic achievement when lessons are delivered in an active way.

Active classrooms may also help children and adolescents who find it difficult to concentrate when they sit for too long. There are many physical, mental and social benefits of young people moving more and sitting less throughout the day.

Higher levels of physical activity and reduced sitting can:

  • Maximise their bone and muscle strength and physical fitness.
  • Improve their social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Result in better quality sleep.