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What is Transform-Us!?

Transform-Us! is an initiative to get children moving more and sitting less. It includes a mix of educational, behavioural and environmental approaches to promote physical activity at school and at home. Transform-Us! can be delivered by any Victorian Primary School teacher. Your child will learn in a more active way if your child’s school or teacher participates in Transform-Us!. Please click on the link for more details about the program.

Why is Transform-Us! needed?

Research shows that children have better learning and academic achievement when lessons are delivered in an active way.1 Active classrooms may also help children who find it difficult to concentrate when they sit for too long.2 There are many physical, mental and social benefits of children moving more and sitting less throughout the day.

Higher levels of physical activity and reduced sitting can:

  • Improve children’s heart health.
  • Maximise their bone and muscle strength and physical fitness.
  • Help children maintain a healthy weight.
  • Improve children’s social skills, self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Result in better quality sleep.

Hear from others who have been transformed

“The kids were more willing to focus once they had an active break.” Transform-Us! Teacher
“(My child) much preferred the active homework over less active choices.” Transform-Us! Parent
“Not only does the active homework encourage the kids to be active, but also to do their homework!” Transform-Us! Parent

How do I get my child’s school involved?

If your child attends a Victorian Primary School and you would like to get your child’s school or teacher involved in Transform-Us! please direct them to this website or alternatively you can send them the following email.

Invite your school

  • Dear Principal,

    I would like to draw your attention to Transform-Us! and encourage you to sign up on behalf of the school.

    Transform-Us! uses innovative behavioural, educational, and environmental strategies within the classroom, school and home settings to get children moving more and sitting less.

    It is a simple and easy program that can improve children’s classroom behaviours, academic outcomes, physical activity and health. The program is evidence based and easy to implement.

    I would encourage you to visit to find out more information.

    Kind Regards,

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