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What is Transform-Us!?

Transform-Us! is an easy to implement, low cost program designed to get students moving more and sitting less. Transform-Us! incorporates a mixture of pedagogical, behavioural and environmental approaches to target these health behaviours in the school and home environments. It is designed to be delivered by any classroom teacher to children in primary school in any classroom and is linked to the Victorian curriculum. It is designed to incorporate movement into existing class lessons. The program does not replace Physical Education classes.

Teachers can sign up independent of school registration, however, we recommend a whole school approach. Click here to invite your Principal to register your school.

Transform-Us! takes advantage of opportunities to incorporate movement and reduce sitting throughout the school day, without taking up valuable teacher time or impacting negatively on curriculum delivery. It involves delivery of the usual school curriculum in an engaging and potentially more effective way. Transform-Us! can also assist with management of classroom behaviour.

Extensive research has confirmed the benefits of being active on children’s health and wellbeing; but there is increasing evidence of the benefits of physical activity on children’s cognitive development and academic achievement:

  • Healthy students are better learners.1
  • In Australia, research has found that 90 minutes a week of specialist-taught physical education resulted in increases in numeracy and writing scores.2
  • ‘The more they burn, the better they learn’: 83.3% of students who receive mostly A’s at school are more likely to be active than students who receive mostly D’s and F’s.3
  • Integrating movement into class lessons can improve on-task and decrease off-task behaviour in the classroom, and also lead to improvements in academic achievement.4

There are also numerous other benefits with active children having greater physical, social and mental health through increased bone and muscle strength and better physical fitness, higher self-esteem, social skills and sleep quality.

Hear from others who have been transformed

“Not only does the active homework encourage the kids to be active, but also to do their homework!” Transform-Us! Parent
“The students loved it and made suggestions about what we could do.” Transform-Us! Teacher
“If you go from one piece of work to another you can’t concentrate because you’ve being doing it for a while. But if you have an active break we get our brains straight again.” Transform-Us! Student

Why is it relevant?

  1. Transform-Us! aligns with Victoria’s Education State target “By 2025, the proportion of students doing physical activity for an hour a day, five times a week, will grow by 20 per cent.”
  2. The content aligns with the Victorian curriculum and also closely aligns with the Australian curriculum.
  3. It employs cross curriculum delivery of Mathematics, English, etc.
  4. It helps schools meet targets for other State Government programs, such as the Achievement Program.

Are there resources or costs involved?

All Transform-Us! materials will be made available free of charge once the online training is complete.

These include:

  • Complete Transform-Us! Health lessons plans designed for foundation- level 2, level 3-4 and level 5-6
  • A suite of ideas to incorporate Active Breaks and Active Lessons into regular teaching practices
  • Active Homework
  • Newsletters for Parents to reinforce the messages at home
  • Posters to encourage physical activity

Much of the equipment and resources to support the delivery of Transform-Us! will already be present in your school or classroom. The only cost involved will be if your school wishes to purchase the additional suggested equipment (e.g., class sets of equipment or additional playground line marking).

Getting started is easy!

Teachers at Victorian Primary schools wishing to access the resources will be required to initially complete the online training. This training takes around 30 minutes and provides background information and outlines each component of Transform-Us!.

Transform-Us! is mapped against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and can be used to contribute towards annual Professional Development requirements.

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