How it works

What does
TransformUs involve?

TransformUs strategies involve incorporating movement into everyday class lessons – the delivery of the lesson changes, not the content.

It is designed to be delivered by all teachers and it does not focus on sport or physical education, and instead is focused on teacher pedagogy. Schools and teachers can choose to adopt some or all of the TransformUs strategies.

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Resource categories

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Active Breaks

159 Resources

Active breaks are a proactive classroom management strategy as they provide a versatile way of breaking up prolonged periods of sitting to ensure students remain engaged and focused during and in between lesson blocks.

Active Lessons

328 Resources

Active lessons utilise incidental activity (like standing at the whiteboard to complete a task) or embodied learning (where the body or the movement itself becomes the learning tool) to change the delivery of a traditional seated class lesson.

Health Lessons

54 Resources

Health lessons are tailored for Foundation-2, 3-4 and 5-6 and designed to complement, not replace, Health and Physical Education. All lessons are linked to the Australian and Victorian curriculum.

Active Homework

24 Resources

Active homework is a standing or moving component within current homework you might set for your students.

Active Environments

An Active Environment is supportive of movement throughout the school day, by shifting school attitude to normalise activity outside of traditional physical education and sport.

Parent Newsletters

Parent newsletters provide age appropriate practical suggestions to empower parents to encourage and support their children to move more and sit less.

How will TransformUs
benefit me professionally?

The TransformUs program will:

  • Help you deliver state and national curriculum in an engaging and effective way
  • Assist management of classroom behaviour particularly for students who find it difficult to sit and concentrate for long periods of time
  • Support cross-curricula delivery (e.g., Mathematics, English, Humanities, etc.)

What does TransformUs look like in the classroom?

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