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We are working with (Official Partners):

The Victorian Department of Education and Training

The Victorian Department of Education and Training provides education and development services to children, young people and adults both directly through government schools and indirectly through the regulation and funding of early childhood services, non-government schools and training programs.

Good health is a key enabler of educational outcomes and schools are encouraged to provide a positive and nurturing environment for all children to develop healthy life habits. The Department has made a commitment to build an education system that produces excellence and reduces the impact of disadvantage. This includes an ambition for more students to take part in more physical activity with a target that over the next 10 years, the proportion of students doing physical activity for an hour a day, five times a week, will grow by 20 per cent. To ensure Victorian students are developing both in and outside the classroom, the Department supports a range of initiatives with the aim of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior. This includes close involvement with the development of the Transform-Us! initiative through in-kind contributions supporting the development of educational resources, project deliverables and dissemination of information to schools.


VicHealth is a pioneer in health promotion. We provide individuals, groups and organisations with the latest information and advice to make decisions which support the health of all Victorians. We understand how changes in the environment can promote health, and draw on practices that ensure we achieve the best outcomes for those who need it most. Our aim is that every Victorian, no matter their situation or resources, has the best chance for good health and wellbeing.

VicHealth is a partner and funder of the Transform-Us! program. Children’s lifestyles are becoming increasingly sedentary with 4 out of 5 children (5-17 years) not meeting the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Children spend the majority of their day in school and therefore there is a great potential to positively influence physically activity levels to create lifetime habits which improve health and prevent overweight/obesity.

Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

The Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation-Victorian Branch (ACHPER Victoria) is the leading professional association representing teachers in health, physical education and recreation. The primary role of ACHPER Victoria is to enhance, support and advocate for highest quality health and physical education in Victoria through effective engagement with teachers, schools and communities.

Victorian Principals Association

The Victorian Principals Association (VPA) was originally formed in 1971 to represent the professional interests of Principals in Victorian primary schools. Today the organisation has grown, representing Educational Leaders (Principal Class and Leading Teachers) in both Victorian government primary and Victorian P-12 schools. The VPA recognises the opportunities and challenges that are faced by Educational Leaders and actively advocates for them in their complex roles of school leadership, by ensuring they are connected, united and empowered.

Independent Schools Victoria

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) is a not-for-profit organisation representing 219 Member Schools, which educate about 145,000 students. ISV promotes choice in education and champions the values and autonomy of its Member Schools. It represents, supports and provides services to its Members in a wide range of areas, including curriculum development, student welfare, employment relations, training, government compliance and accountability, and communications.

Peak Phys Ed

The mission of Peak Phys Ed is to promote innovation and excellence within physical education communities through the provision of exemplary teaching and learning opportunities and resources. Peak Phys Ed has provided high quality professional learning opportunities for thousands of educators over the past decade with the aim of improving quality physical education and sport education programs in schools.

This initiative is also supported by:


Bluearth is a national health promotion foundation working to improve kids health and wellbeing by increasing daily physical activity levels. We work with kids and those that influence them, their families, peers and teachers, in schools and early years settings. Through direct delivery, peer leadership, partnerships and advocacy Bluearth is leading change and supporting kids to experience the joy and benefits of an active life.

Achievement Program - Cancer Council Victoria

The Achievement Program helps schools, early childhood services and workplaces create healthy environments that support healthy choices. Supported by the Victorian Government and delivered by Cancer Council Victoria, schools are guided by the program framework to create a healthier culture, including developing policies and taking a whole-organisation approach which benefits students, families, staff, and the wider community.

Catholic Education Melbourne

Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) works in partnership with Catholic schools, families, parishes, religious institutes and the community to serve and lead Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. CEM aims to provide an outstanding Catholic education that equips our young people with the knowledge, skills, hope and optimism to live meaningful lives and shape and enrich the world around them.

Municipal Association of Victoria

The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) was established in 1879 to protect the interests and rights of local government for the benefit of Victorian communities. The role of the MAV is to represent and advocate the interests of local government, lobby for a ‘fairer deal’ for councils, raise the sector’s profile, ensure its long-term security and provide policy advice, strategic advice, capacity building programs and insurance services to local government.

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) is an independent statutory body responsible to the Victorian Minister for Education. The VCAA serves both government and non-government schools with a mission of providing high quality curriculum, assessment and reporting to enable learning for life.

Victorian Department of Health & Human Services

The Victorian Government’s vision is to keep Victorians as healthy as possible and to prevent avoidable disease and injury, so that all Victorians can enjoy the highest attainable standards of health, wellbeing, optimum development and participation at every age. The Department of Health and Human Services works to deliver public health and wellbeing through the delivery of key strategic documents like the Public health and wellbeing plan 2015–2019 and Active Victoria: A strategic framework for sport and recreation in Victoria 2017-2021. The Public health and wellbeing plan 2015–2019 outlines the Government’s key priorities to improve the health and wellbeing of Victorians, particularly the most disadvantaged. As many chronic diseases are preventable, the department focuses on embedding prevention into the core business of government and funded services, and supporting healthy living from the early years and throughout life.

Hawthorn Football Club

The Hawthorn Football Club is committed to the health and wellbeing of young people. The club is proud to partner with Deakin University and the Transform-Us! program to improve the wellbeing of young people across Victoria.

Sporting Schools

DPV Health

DPV Health is one of Victoria’s largest community health providers, serving a catchment of more than 400,000 people. Our services include medical, dental, allied health, paediatrics, disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, and counselling services. With more than 500 staff and volunteers, our vision is to provide optimal healthcare to everyone within the Cities of Hume and Whittlesea.
DPV Health is proud to partner with Deakin University and the Transform-Us! program to improve the health & wellbeing of primary school students across Victoria.

This trial is funded by an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Partnership Grant (APP1115708) and VicHealth.

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