Ideas to keep your students moving and learning at home

The Remote Learning Resources were developed by Dr Natalie Lander (School of Education, Deakin University). These lesson plans have been specifically modified so that the lessons can be delivered online and students can complete the activities in their own home!

All the active lesson ideas are linked to the Victorian and Australian curriculum codes as the employ a cross curriculum approach. It's not just about students moving but learning as well.

How to get started

Below are short clips of Numeracy focused, Literacy focused and more general active breaks you can use while students are learning remotely. Ask students to stand if able and move a safe distance away from the screen. If not, please modify the task to make it accessible.

"Ok, it’s time for an active break, to energise your body and activate your brain."

Numeracy Focused Active Breaks

Literacy Focused Active Breaks

Active Breaks