For students to represent their opinions and thoughts on the impact of influential material in a physical way.

Structure: The purpose of this active break is to include activity as part of the structure of your lesson. Here you are replacing or substituting a traditionally sedentary instructional task, with an active version of the same instructional practice.

Transition: The purpose of this active break is to allow intentional, structured and task orientated movement as students transition between one learning task or phase of the lesson, to the next.


Teacher to stick two signs (made from A4 paper and markers) at each end of the room to indicate ‘influential’ or ‘not influential’.

Teacher to use masking tape to mark a scale line between the two ends of the room.

Read aloud examples of influential modes/ways of influencing e.g., social media apps, documentairies, billboards, newspapers, radio ads.

When an idea (a mode / way of influencing) is read aloud, students should indicate how influential they believe this to be by moving along the scale.

Teacher to briefly question a couple of students each time, as to why they felt it is influential or not influential.


  • 2 x A4 paper
  • Markers
  • Masking tape


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