To regularly reflect on the content of the lesson with a partner while standing up.

Transition: The purpose of this active break is to allow intentional, structured and task orientated movement as students transition between one learning task or phase of the lesson, to the next.


At designated times, the teacher invites students to; “stand and discuss what you’ve just learned with a partner”. Ensure students are aware that they are not to be seated during this time.


  • Pens and paper (optional)


Turn to the person sitting beside you/another person on your table. Tell your partner about one new thing you just learned or ask a question about something you did not quite understand.

Extension: Write one sentence about what your partner told you/what you learned.

Walk to another table/part of the room. Find a partner and test your partner by asking a question about something you just learned.

Extension: Write down a question to ask the teacher after the break.


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