1. Divide the classes into groups-teachers can specify the group structure (number of students, how groups are selected).

2. Ask one person in each group to stand directly in front of the white board and ask all the teammates to form a line behind them. The teacher then calls out which times table they would like the students to complete.

3. Repeat this until the times table is complete. The first group to finish must then raise their hands to indicate they have finished and wait for the other groups to complete their times tables.


  • White board markers


For example: 3 times tables.

The first child in each group writes 1×3=3 and passes the marker to the second teammate and moves to the back of the line. The second person in the group then writes 2×3=6 and passes the maker to the next person and moves to the back of the line.


This can be applied to various mathematical equations (e.g., fractions, shapes, angles, sequences).


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