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Transform-Us! involves incorporating movement into everyday class lessons – the delivery of the lesson changes, not the content.

It involves delivering the usual school curriculum in a more engaging and effective way.

Get access to a FREE online portal of easy to deliver strategies for inside and outside the classroom.

Transform-Us! is currently available to all Victorian Primary school teachers.

Why use Transform-Us!?

Links to the Victorian Curriculum
Backed by over 10 years of research
Easy to deliver
Offers free evidence based resources
Mapped against the APST 
Supported by DET

Transform-Us! can help

  • Improve students' learning outcomes
  • Increase students' attention and focus during class lessons (reported by teachers)
  • Manage classroom behaviour
  • Contribute to your teacher Professional Development

What does Transform-Us! look like in the classroom?

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How to get started


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This takes approx. 20 minutes. Once completed you can download a certificate to use as evidence of Professional Development.

Access resources

Access over 100 evidence based FREE resources and videos demonstrating how to deliver Victorian curriculum in an active way.

What are poeple saying about Transform-Us!?

"Thank you for the training. This is fantastic. This is the kind of classroom that I want to bring to my students."

Transform-Us! Teacher

“Yes (it was easier to listen to my teacher), because we get refreshed and switched on.”

Transform-Us! Student

“The students loved it and made suggestions about what we could do.”

Transform-Us! Teacher

“The kids were more willing to focus once they had an active break.”

Transform-Us! Teacher

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